Micron Precision Technologies, Malaysia  or known as MicronPT  is a full service , machining & manufacturing solution provider. The company was founded in 1999 by a core group of experienced manufacturing professionals. Their vision was to build a company capable of supporting global manufacturers reduce costs through global innovative manufacturing.

    MicronPT produces mechanical and electro-mechanical components, fabrications, assemblies, and finished goods through its Malaysian Manufacturing Facilities. Our main focus is the USA & European commercial and industrial equipment industries. The customer base includes companies whose production requirement cover a broad range of manufacturing processes, materials and finish specifications.

MicronPT Excellent Manufacturing Solution
   While there are a number of global suppliers of commodities and electronics, there are very few options when it comes to the global manufacturing of custom mechanical and electro-mechanical parts and assemblies. USA and European manufacturers are faced with the daunting task of either acquiring these products directly or utilizing a broker to access manufacturers in cost advantaged, developing economies. We deliver the solution for this matter to the manufacturers to reduce the time and risk associated with realizing the cost savings available in Asia.

  What sets MicronPT apart from the crowd is its focus on custom, build-to-print mechanical and electro-mechanical components and assemblies, as well as its strong partnerships with USA and European customers. We have invested in the people, processes and on-the-ground resources in Malaysia to address the unique requirements of USA and European Manufacturers. Our 8,000sq. ft. contract manufacturing and assembly operation, QA section and dedicated welding and machining facilities in Malaysia, could save you lots of money and increase your competitiveness against your competitors back in your country.

Most manufacturers from the developed countries are aware that global manufacturing offers a powerful means for improving efficiencies, expanding capacity and increasing profits.

  They also know it isn't easy. They realize it takes time, resources, experience and expertise to be successful . . . and that's where micronpt.com comes in with  a solution

  We handle your global manufacturing of custom parts and assemblies from start to finish. When you choose us, you're getting an experienced manufacturing partner who  understands your needs.

  We understand the  challenges and have invested in the people, the processes and the technology to make global manufacturing work for you.......