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Engineering Support
  A significant amount of attention to detail and expertise is required to prepare a product for offshore manufacturing, including the confirmation of specifications, the identification of critical dimensions and the development of Process and Quality protocols. Our strong engineering team addresses these requirements and ensures the accuracy and clarity of expectations prior to placement and production. MicronPT engineers have also worked with customers to identify and drive incremental cost savings through material substitution and design revisions.

Logistics & Fulfillment
  We have an experienced logistics management team and established transportation and warehousing alliances. 

  Typically our parts reach the destination in the USA or Europe in 3 working days through FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL or other reliable freight forwarders here, depending upon the shipment weight and customer requirement.

  We do arrange ocean freight for heavier volume production jobs.

  We have our  finished goods facility in Malaysia, providing customers with the option of stocking inventory and shipping against a demand pull schedule. We work with customers interested in our fulfillment services to establish buffer inventory levels and replenishment forecasts. >>TOP

Customer Service
  With MicronPT, you're getting an experienced manufacturing partner who understands your needs and delivers the quality service you expect. We have a team of dedicated managers here to answer any questions and respond to any issues that you may have immediately. We provide a sole point of contact in the U.S. that has the people and infrastructure in place to address your global manufacturing and procurement requirements. >>TOP

Process Control
  Our  engineering and operations team works with our customers to establish and refine process plans prior to manufacturing and placement of orders. They work on-site with manufacturing personnel to ensure that the process plan is understood and executed against. Any adjustments to Process plans are communicated to customers for approval based on appropriate documentation and rational . >>TOP

Quality Assurance
  Due to our strict no-quality-compromise, we have  invested in quality people, processes and infrastructure to guarantee the delivery of Quality parts from our factory. >>TOP

  For each part placed, we create a job plan that outline the specifications to be maintained and sampling procedures employed. Our quality engineers then oversee source inspection of first articles and production quantities at the manufacturers location. All our parts are insepcted 100% and no sampling done,unless for mass production items. >>TOP

Manufacturing Management
  We are specialized in low quantity-high mix kinds of jobs. Our manufacturing team be on the factory floor handling all vendor communications, overseeing process execution and addressing any issues that arise. We work very closely with our customers, that we even update them on the job status on a regular basis. >>TOP

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